MPFB: creating a human mesh

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MPFB: creating a human mesh

Postby joepal » Tue Mar 30, 2021 6:32 am

MakeClothes and MakeTarget have had functionality for loading some variations of the base mesh directly from disc rather than importing over the socket. In MPFB I've now played around a bit with improving this.

The results so far are these:


On the "New human" tab you can create a new human mesh with a few parameters.

This will:

* load a base mesh
* assign the applicable macrodetail targets as shape keys
* set up applicable vertex groups
* add a mask

The upside of this approach is that you can vary the shape key values afterwards to tweak the look of the mesh.

The idea is that this should be possible to use with both MakeClothes and MakeTarget, but also as a starting point of its own for modeling projects.
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Re: MPFB: creating a human mesh

Postby Elvaerwyn » Tue Mar 30, 2021 2:07 pm

Right on Joel, that's a great option for workflow! This is one of the areas that needed some TLC. Ty
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