Ballsy recruit

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Ballsy recruit

Postby SaltyCowdawg » Mon Oct 26, 2020 4:14 pm

Blender Cycles 2048 samples. Definitely a WIP.

Scene takes place 3 millenia in the future.


Yun-Seo I pulled herself out of her bed, did her morning routine, dressed and quietly left her family’s home probably for the final time she reflected. She made her way through the waking city streets with all its frenetic energy and raucous sound. Transports whizzing by carrying goods to various businesses that were getting ready to open within a couple of hours.

Yun-Seo walked purposefully and produced her ID card for the guard by the shopping mall entrance. Yun-Seo had been an employee at one of the clothing stores while she was in secondary school. Though her ID had been canceled the guard barely looked at it much less verified it in the security reader. The guard returned to the pastry he was nibbling on and Yun-Seo skittered through the door before the guard could change his mind.

Yun-Seo ruminated to herself about her failure to pass the entrance exam for tertiary school. Seems the sarcastic “Good luck passing the exam” from the proctor was very telling. The proctor told her that after he had propositioned her and she turned him down flat. She had no interest spending a night with a man old enough to be her father. Yun-Seo had not told her parents about the proctor or the results of the entrance exam. They would have insisted on complaining and making waves of any sort was a dangerous sort of thing in the current political environment.

Her destination was a small office off the main concourse of the mall. If she couldn’t get ahead in life on this planet maybe she would do better off world.

Seeing the Federal Services logo with an arrow pointing down a hallway she knew she was getting close to her destination. She screwed up her courage and walked through the glass door to the recruiting office and walked up to the desk past a group of young men who were also there.

“I want to join the Federal Navy and become a fighter pilot” she said. Yun-Seo was immediately annoyed at the way her voice came out as a squeak. She had meant to sound authoritative.

“Well well… Chief I think you need to call the exterminator we have a mouse here” said a large woman Yun-Seo had not noticed standing there. The woman’s presence was imposing and exuded authority. I playful smile played across the woman’s face as she continued “I suppose you did not see the signs saying to take a number and sit or stand out there… but nevermind I’ll give you credit for having some brass. I’m about to start a group in half an hour taking the Military Aptitude and Placement Exam. Hope you are ready for a three hour long test.”

So began Yun-Seo’s career in the Federal Navy.
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