strand hair for MH models in Blender

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Re: strand hair for MH models in Blender

Postby wolgade » Mon Feb 06, 2017 12:18 am

Mindfront wrote:I thought if anyone is intrested,

I'm always interested in seeing how other guys do it. Especially if these guys tend to deliver breathtaking results.
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Re: strand hair for MH models in Blender

Postby jujube » Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:56 pm

Wait, that wasn't a photo reference?? Nice work, thanks for sharing the blend file!
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Re: strand hair for MH models in Blender

Postby punkduck » Tue Feb 07, 2017 9:21 pm

Mindfront wrote:It is the setting "steps" under "Render" and "Display" that made it possible to do this kind of small braids but it could also crash blender if set to high.

I thought if anyone is intrested, I prepared a blend file with the scalp and hairdo to study and use for free, CC0 to make it extra easy.

Thanx for sharing, it is really impressive. So, I just tried it. The high frequency seems only work with the braid. For radial it seems to do nothing.

The number of steps is multiplied with the number of segments, I guess. So in your case you have the chance to get curves with 140 control points ... My character (the real "Evi") has so-called beach waves. Even that the braid is not the right modification I was interrested if I have a chance to make my character look more similar to the real one. Therefore I tried to get the same number of control points (I'm only using 8 segments) by increasing the number of steps to 20.

Have a guess what happened: 60000 MB and everything freezes ... bad idea ... :mrgreen:
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Re: strand hair for MH models in Blender

Postby punkduck » Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:29 pm

I neglected the topic of hair color, especially for blonde hair. But wolgade showed me a good example how we can do it, I added a picture, how the result looks for Dani.

The color itself is created from a wooden texture & a hue/saturation node. The change of the color from root to tip is influenced by the first colorramp node. Here is wolgade's setup:

You also can download it from (you will need the wooden texture) here:

My very special thanks to wolgade for sharing his setup!

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Re: strand hair for MH models in Blender

Postby punkduck » Mon Oct 16, 2017 9:30 pm

I will add two additional notes to this topic. The first one is about the number of segments, the second one is about hair-dynamics and animation.

In some videos, also in this one, people are pushing scalp faces deep into the skull, so that the emitted hair could follow the form of the head. The real problem is, that normally all segments have the same length, when you create them. And we do not want too many of them. So what we need are more segments near the skull and less far away. Here is a simple method how you can achieve this (Wolgade told me about subdividing the hair after creation, so this is the best way I can use it).


In the example I only took five segments and 4 strands to make it visible (the rest of the hair is hidden). You should do it with no hair hidden. So use point-mode for selection, select root, then NUMPAD CTRL +, do a subdivide, deselect element (select less, NUMPAD CTRL -) and repeat the procedure. Two segments more, exactly where we need them. You can do this, after you created the hair with a fixed number of segments as well without loosing all information of e.g. styling.

The second note is about animation and hair-dynamics I'm using in this video:

It looks quite natural, but the hair is moving a bit like slow-motion. I can't change this for now, otherwise other problems will appear (see picture). In the beginning I was very skeptical about hair-dynamics. When you switch it on, and press the animation button, the hair simply disappears in the skull. But you can reduce weight (even to zero) and increase stiffness and damping. That is all I did. In the picture the values for my animation are presented followed by an example of less s´damping and stiffness and a low weight:


The complete motion was controlled with the previewer. Blender creates all the frames once (this takes some time and you will see your video in slow-motion). When the system has created the hair-dynamics, the video is played nearly in realtime. If you switch on AV-sync, you get the realtime result.

Additional hints: Switch off skeleton and eye-lashes in the previewer. To see the eyes instead of these white spheres in the preview I added a special mask-modifier to hide the transparent part. The modifier only works in the preview. This is sufficient for a preview, you also can see if it is synchronized to the sound (sorry video is only uploaded without sound for copyright reasons). Then render a few pictures, before you start to render the whole scene.
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Re: strand hair for MH models in Blender

Postby Mindfront » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:48 pm

Settings I have found can give the particle hair a little more life is:
African hair with bun_settings.png

Length: length of the children in comparison to their parent. 1 = the children will be as long as their parent.
Threshold: amount of children having the same length as their parent. 0.4 = 40% of the children will have the same length as their parent, 60% will be as short as the length setting.

Endpoint: splitting the children.
Shape: where the splitting begin. 0 = from the root.

Random: children random rough.
Size: How tiny or large the random rough will be. 0.01 = very small
Threshold: amount of children that not be random rough. 0 = all children will have random rough.
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