MakeHuman to Lightwave 3D 10 and above

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MakeHuman to Lightwave 3D 10 and above

Postby Clockmaster » Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:54 pm

After some headache I've managed to perfectly export models and rigs from Makehuman 1.1.0 to FBX to Lightwave 3D 10+.
Here's the tricks.
When you are going to import FBX files into Lightwave, having selected joints as desired skeleton (bones will simply not work) after importing you'll immediately notice the mesh is a complete mess... Don't worry.
First thing to do: Save the scene in .lws format.
Second: Select one joint and then with box selector select all joints. Then click on "record bone rest position", the location of the button depending on your menu setting.
Magically the mesh will return perfect.
Now delete the base FBX bone placed solitary at the base of the model, between the legs: poin of attention DO NOT delete descendants, when the pop up window ask you to do so or not.
Suddenly the skeleton will rotate out of place. Don't worry:
Select the object "fbx_bone_hierarchy_standin" and change the rotation to 0,0,0.
Now select a joint, not a node but a linear joint, then with box selector select the whole joints, and hit p key (properties).
Here is extremely important to set the joints "limited range" to on, and to enter the lowest possible setting: Where the default is 1 meter, you should set 0.1 mm or even less. This is the most important thing for having correct deformation, but no one will tell you nothing about that! :)
Here the headaches disappears: Assign the fbx skeleton to the mesh and it will deform perfectly.
Please feel free to ask everything, hoping to encourage peoples to import and render the marvelous Makehuman models into the also marvelous Lightwave 3D! Goodbye

When importing models with attached geometry (e.g. clothes, hairs, etc.) Makehuman will export it in separate layers. For a better performance and implementation, bring it to a single layer in Lighwave. Be sure the Modeler is attached to the Hub, Press F12 to switch to Modeler, copy every object loaded into a new object single layer, and save the resulting object with a new name. Then go back to Layout and delete all the empty layers.
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Re: MakeHuman to Lightwave 3D 10 and above

Postby Aranuvir » Thu Jun 16, 2016 10:20 pm

Thanks for this short tutorial. I do not now Lightwave, but I'm sure many other user will find your tutorial helpful. It would be great if you could write a short tutorial in our wiki section. ( ... pplication). You don't have to register, just log in with your MH account. Perhaps add some screenshots. :)

P.S: will see if I can fix the orthography.
P.P.S: got it fixed, hope this is o.k. :)
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