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makewalk / retarget_bvh on ubuntu 18.04

PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, 2020 6:20 pm
by james_zorb_66

I am trying to get blender, import_mhx2, and either makewalk or retarget_bvh ( ... rc/master/) to work on my Ubuntu 18.04 system. I have tried lots of combinations of versions but nothing seems to work. Below I will describe the two almost successful combinations I tried.

The load_and_retarget bvh link above seems to work successfully in the log on blender 2.81a, but in the GUI I see no response. Another combination that was almost successful was running the same load_and_retarget on blender 2.79b, but there is a strange finger feature I can't get rid of (see screenshot attachment). This finger feature was also there when I tried other versions of makewalk with blender 2.79b.

I will use ANY version of blender, I just need to find compatibility for loading and retargeting bvh files! Thanks in advance for any help