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wolgade 2017-03-07 02:35 Great asset. Knitted Sweater 01 Mindfront
wolgade 2017-12-16 19:28 Absolutely great. F Dress 05 Mindfront
wolgade 2017-12-24 12:44 Well done as usual. Nice idea to present the dress on a red carpet. F Dress 07 Mindfront
wolgade 2017-03-29 16:28 I've added a new material: Female panties 01 wolgade
wolgade 2017-03-29 16:37 I've added a new material: Female top 01 wolgade
wolgade 2017-04-05 00:54 Added a version based on female generic topology: Female muscular with simplified genitals wolgade
wolgade 2018-02-08 16:14 Great work! African hair with bun Mindfront
wolgade 2016-01-05 16:59 Great asset. One thing: You choose CC-BY as license, but the mhclo file states AGPL. Universal Low Poly High heel 10cm grinsegold
wolgade 2017-04-30 10:37 Great. Very detailed texture. halterneck romper punkduck
wolgade 2017-01-04 18:48 Tutorial for Cycles material added: diamond ring 01 wolgade
wolgade 2016-05-18 15:16 Generally nice, but uv layout could be improved. [LINGERIE] Stockings Black Fishnet Small V0rT3X
wolgade 2017-01-08 00:22 This is simply breath taking. Ballet dress The Swan Mindfront
wolgade 2017-07-29 16:49 Well done. I tried to do this myself a while back and failed completely. Adult female genitalia remapped MTKnife
wolgade 2017-01-14 20:26 Great as always. BTW: How did you do the bows? For me this is extremely hard to model. Running Shoes 01 punkduck
wolgade 2016-06-18 11:15 This is something you have to do on your own. Female muscular with simplified genitals wolgade
wolgade 2016-06-25 12:11 thanks for taking the time to do some texture work. It really makes a difference. M Swimming trunks 01 Mindfront
wolgade 2016-06-30 18:02 and again good and detailed texture work. Same issue as with your swimming trunks. F One-piece Swimsuit 01 Mindfront
wolgade 2016-06-30 18:08 Your normal map will get exported to Blender (MHX2) if you edit the mhmat file. M Swimming trunks 01 Mindfront
wolgade 2017-01-21 14:31 If you go on publishing cool assets you'll have to buy me a new hard disk. : ) heel sandals punkduck
wolgade 2016-07-07 11:02 Mindfront strikes again. Detailed and good texture work. F Beach Dress 01 Mindfront