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punkduck 2017-01-15 00:03 I extruded one point, so it was like painting in an x-y coordinate system, then I extruded in z d Running Shoes 01 punkduck
punkduck 2016-11-12 21:49 An update is done by adding a normal map and delete-groups. I hope it still works ... Tube dress punkduck
punkduck 2017-10-05 18:05 Quite a huge bvh ... Harvey_StandingFashion2 callharvey3d
punkduck 2016-12-28 16:13 I've changed the z-depth to 100 in the .mhclo file. electric guitar punkduck
punkduck 2018-02-24 20:33 In the case of this piece of lingerie, the fresnel node and even a white input of the glossy shad string 5 punkduck
punkduck 2016-12-04 17:12 Yes, I guess it was mirrored (and that inverts the faces in Blender). Hairstyle Curly (alpha 7 adaptation) punkduck
punkduck 2016-12-13 00:08 Yes it was a fault. I changed the name. Blond Texture for hairstyle long01 punkduck
punkduck 2017-07-29 12:15 I changed the name to "corset" instead of "corsage", because that is more com Armored Corset (Wonder Woman) punkduck
punkduck 2017-07-30 17:05 a corsage is also "a small bouquet of flowers worn on a woman's dress or worn around he Armored Corset (Wonder Woman) punkduck
punkduck 2017-09-12 22:25 I wrote in the daily life of models thread: I had a request to create a suspender-belt. french lingerie (suspender-belt) punkduck
punkduck 2017-08-11 00:00 I changed diffuse texture and normal map. Armored Corset (Wonder Woman) punkduck
punkduck 2017-10-03 17:23 I changed the depth, because these boots should work with the tight jeans again. female knee boots punkduck
punkduck 2017-08-07 00:04 I change the jacket, so it fits for Asians also. Motorcycle Jacket punkduck
punkduck 2017-07-30 16:11 I changed the litsphere to an anisotropic version in the .mhmat file, so that the vambraces look Vambraces (Wonder Woman) punkduck
punkduck 2017-11-26 19:23 it must be denim jacket instead of denim skirt ... Denim Fashion punkduck
punkduck 2019-04-05 13:00 ... it is impossible to add a pole in MakeHuman. When you e.g. Pole dance fireman punkduck
punkduck 2018-02-08 02:45 This time I used a version with a modified texture for Kyoko, the second robot in the film Ex Mac F Dress 07 Mindfront
punkduck 2017-10-20 23:56 So after one year of being in this forum (1 year and 3 hours was the comment of MH), I decided to F Beach Dress 01 Mindfront
punkduck 2018-02-26 20:34 I not sure, if this will work. Penis Rig porky11
QushAes 2018-11-23 20:59 The rig doesn't work with retargeting Manequin animations. Uengine Rig Beacara